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Friday 24 September 2021

Clinical Tips and Tricks for Successful Practice 

Martin Kelleher

This presentation will reflect on some of the achievements, failures and fallacies in restorative dentistry.

The teaching and the literature looked at the wrong thing for many years. The focus was on the survival of the restorations, rather than at what happened to the teeth as a result of the elegant and painstakingly beautiful shapes that we cut in teeth to achieve those restorations. Sadly, the current breathless promotion of `digital dentistry` will incur the same long-term biologic and structural problems caused by those traditional indirect restorations.

The concept of `addition beats subtraction` will be explored in detail, including how imaginative use of this approach has now eclipsed some historic approaches to treating some aesthetic problems, many malocclusions and most of tooth surface loss to the benefit of patients and dentists alike.

The presentation will include detailed clinical tips and tricks on how to manage some perennial problems more sensibly.

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