About Oxident

Support, education and feeling of belonging 

The inception of Oxident in 2006 grew as a result of changing times in the delivery of dental services and a time of unease. Oxfordshire was typical of the level of concern and came together in the form of networking groups and meetings. Gloucestershire and Cornwall had already formed highly successful groups which provided high quality postgraduate education for their members, social networking and support for dentists wanting to reduce their reliance on the NHS.           

Sixteen years on, Oxident provides 5 high quality postgraduate study days a year, all on the doorstep of members. In addition, it holds an annual dinner for members and their guests to let their hair down, and importantly provides a forum for mutual support and networking in an isolated profession. Oxident is no longer a dentist only group, it is proud to include, hygienists, nurses, receptionists, managers and technicians.

I have had the great honour of heading up Oxident since it’s birth and now as I step aside and watch it grow up and stretch it’s wings, I wish Oxident and it’s members every success in the future. Oxident became an indispensable part of my professional life, giving me the support, education and feeling of belonging that enabled me to practice successfully in the 21st Century. Long may it continue!

Russell Evans